"I feel really great now that we've done this call; you gave me a really practical look at deep subjects and offered specific tools to
help me. This is exactly what I needed - it is positively different than the other approaches that I've even been given!"


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Jo’s not-for-profit is a 501(c)3 government recognized not-for-profit. She provides free resilience materials, entertainment and education to American military members looking to become stronger in light of traumatic life situations.

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Jo Standing, also known by the pen name of Jos-Madelaine Standing, is a spiritual warrior, an author, a speaker, classroom facilitator, and certified professional coach. She has taught for over 10-years and for over 10,000 hours. She is the daughter of an Army Veteran who mostly raised her, although she was also his caretaker throughout her childhood, as he ailed for most of it. Strength is not just a word to Jo, it is a way of being, and is believed by her to be everyone’s birthright. One of her favorite quotes that you will hear her say is, “The victory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” Jo believes that the inner wounds of a warrior are not meant to be stuffed-away, or hidden, but instead used as signposts and guides to live a full, whole and rewarding life. Jo continues to be both class facilitator and a lifelong student.

She is currently writing her third book. Her books are as follows:

  • Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back (282 pages)
  • Conquer Trauma Drama: The Workbook (101 pages)
  • To be released in December 2018 - The Power of PTSD: Empowered Through Pain
She has spoken at The Harvard Faculty Club, and her work has been published in the online magazine, Elephant Journal, USA TODAY in print, and Huff Post as interviewed by Dr. Felicia Clark.