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"More than a book. Conquer Trauma Drama is a support system. The way Standing shares her story and provides insight on how to reset your mind and open your heart back up to life, is truly valuable. Her story is heavy, but the way she relays it on the pages, feels as though you are in light conversation with the author. Use it as a tool to reconnect with yourself or to understand loved ones who may be suffering from their own trauma drama."



"After reading this eye-opening book, I came to the realization that I wasn't going insane! I could see that everything I was experiencing was meant-to-be! Meaning, we are survivors by nature and we are wired for knowing trauma in our lives, as well as, depending on one's interpretation, even realizing trauma and its effects in order to become healthier than ever. But, here's the catch, this is only possible when we are intending to navigate toward a brighter future and toward the lives that we've always dreamed and known possible since we were trusting and fearless children."

Valverde | First Sergeant United States Army (Ret.)