The Viva Standing Foundation

About The Foundation:

The Foremost Goal of Jo Standing’s Foundation is to ensure that every Big-T trauma survivor caused by rape or war is supported in a non-bias way and in an unlimited capacity. Our compassionate support reaches beyond one’s gender, choice of religion, ethnicity, income, or other identifying factors.

Although the source of distress is different between the two experiences of rape and war the internal experience is often similar marked by isolation, crippled self-esteem and self-confidence, anxiety, depression, bouts of rage and insomnia. Our work improves the day to day functioning of the lives of those American citizens who are dealing with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD.

Our Methods of Holistic Treatment Include but are not limited to: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Forms of Meditation, Dietary Support, Self-Defense lessons, Dance Play, Healthy Anger Management, BodyTalk, Hypnosis, One-on-One Coaching Sessions via telephone and Zoom video as well as in-person. The Contributors and Jo Standing are honored to be the proud backbone of the resilient trauma survivor and a government recognized 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States of America.

The Viva Standing Foundation was founded in 2013 with the idea that trauma survivors need a hand up not a hand out. Our supporters believe the following: There is no panacea, or cure-all, for overcoming the effects of trauma, also known as P.T.S.D. It takes a collection of resources, healing methods, time and community. Trauma can and does happen in more people’s lives than not and our society can only remain to be healthy if we care for and uplift those most affected by tragedy. Trauma survivors cannot heal if repeating the same old story, no matter how great, over and over, again. Only updated thoughts and personal feelings about both the self and world and a revitalized healthy body can return wellness to the survivor.

Traumatic life experiences are not something to shove into the dark and wish they did not happen. Both love for, and acceptance of, one’s experiences is possible, no matter how shocking or daunting they might be at the present moment. The Viva Standing Foundation supports the recovery process after the traumatic life experiences of both rape and war. Our well-being services neutralize the challenging experience of post-trauma so that the survivor may return to wellness and begin to thrive again in their daily lives.


Our Board:


Board Director    

Jo Standing is a world traveler, former Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute New York attendee, author of Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back and Conquer Trauma Drama: Breakthrough Curriculum and is a certified professional coach through Rhodes College of Vancouver, Canada. She has led classes for over a decade in the USA and Canada. She now speaks to audiences on the topic of the Power of PTSD as well as the cultivation of life resilience. So far, she has spoken at The Harvard Faculty Club and The Mental Health Coalition with the Sedona, Arizona edition. She is a current day student of Dr. Karyne Wilner of the Core Vibrations Academy. Her upcoming 2019 book is called The Power of PTSD: Empowered Through Pain. She is not married.

Board Advisor    

Ren Jones is the CEO of Kai Data, LLC. He has spent several years in the real estate industry. He operated one of the most successful real estate teams in the country ranking in the top 1% of real estate agents. As a real estate coach he completed over 47,000 coaching calls with some of the best in the business. He created real estate software solutions that are used by a large part of the industry today. Ren lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Board Treasurer  

Anne-Steffen Russo is an internationally known alternative therapist, medical intuitive, and author of Answers For Sensitive People. Anne is happily married with three children.

Board Secretary 

Elizabeth Wood is a psychology graduate of The University of Cincinnati and a present day studying Gemologist. She lives with her husband and two cats.


Our Initiative (2016-2020)

Our Vet Community’s efforts began in 2016 on the island of Oahu. Jo began giving away free copies of her book to active duty military members. The feedback she received was so encouraging and positive that she decided that her ability to be of support was greater than what she has previously believed possible. The heart of the community is providing self-knowledge tools in order to best promote inner wellness for our country’s warriors. Yoga, Meditation and many other holistic tools are the cornerstone of the movement. These holistic tools can be and often are sky high in price and make it difficult for many to include in their health plan because of cost. Jo applies her sense-of-humor and straight forwardness to give support and insight into the personal journey each survivor of Big-T trauma deserves.



Ways You Can Get Involved:


TELL  people about the Viva Standing Foundation‘s core mission to assist the full recovery of rape and war survivors to make sure that no survivor is left uncared for in the wake of Big-T trauma.

ENCOURAGE  friends and family members to donate. This helps us continue to give free internet based yoga and meditation and self-empowerment lessons, including free teaching materials in the form of podcasts, media, and e-books.

HOST  a fundraising event in your area at a local community center, friend’s home, or workplace where Jo will come to speak to your attendees. If you are a wellness class facilitator Jo is happy to co-lead or lead a class to increase support and attendance of the event!

LEAD  a free support class either online or offline with materials provided to you by the Viva Standing Foundation, including The Breakthrough Curriculum.

START  planning to support us with our Walk & Talk Marathon to be held in Fall 2018 in support of current initiative Our Vet Community!

GIVE  a recorded video class, book or audio to our foundation to be considered to share with our friends in recovery. Are you a thought leader, author, speaker and/or coach? If yes, gift a portion of your work, a chapter, or guided lesson to The Viva Standing Foundation.

SPONSOR  Be a part of the cause to restore health within rape and war survivors in need of a hand up and not a hand out. When you sponsor The VSF’s current initiative Our Vet Community you are supporting the delivery of love, light, and laughter to our country’s troops and veterans.

DONATE  anything you can to our current initiative Our Vet Community. Jo and her Contributors are working everyday to improve the lives of our veterans and active duty troops by highlighting and instructing the use of self-management tools and techniques. No one should survive trauma without support, especially our warriors! Click the button below that says donate and be led to donate anywhere from $5 and up to whatever you can do to support our vision of healthy, emotionally and mentally, readjusted warriors!