About Jo

Jo Standing is an Author, Speaker, classroom facilitator, a spiritual warrior and Certified Professional Coach. She has taught personal wellness for over 10,000 hours. In 2017, she traveled more than 50,000 miles around North America with the effort to bolster the well-being of our country's warriors in uniform. As the daughter of an Army Veteran who mostly raised her strength is not just a word. It is a way of being. Jo believes the knowledge of how to recover the self after trauma is everyone’s birthright and that the inner wounds of a warrior are not meant to be stuffed-away but rather used as signposts to live a full and rewarding life. Jo's work has been the subject of articles since 2013 in Natural Awakenings Magazine, USA TODAY, Elephant Journal, and Huffington Post. She offers workshops and speaking forums that are geared toward being empowered through pain and shifting toward Post Traumatic Growth.

Jo’s books are as follows:

  • Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back (282 pages) Published in 2015.
  • Conquer Trauma Drama: Breakthrough Curriculum (141 pages) Published in 2016 and 2nd Edition 2017.
  • The Power of PTSD: Empowered Through Pain - For Release December 2019


  • The Harvard Faculty Club | Cambridge, Massachusetts (2016)
  • The Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley | Sedona, Arizona (2017)

"Jo is sensitive and understands people in a deep way and her passion shows this. Through coaching with her, she's helped me to see the bigger picture. Her openness and her willingness to accept me as I am has helped me shift and allowed me to work through my blocks around relationships. I found the process to be very rewarding because it's not often that you get to look at things with someone and then to put them back in a logical way in your head, that brings both understanding and serenity. That's a gift. Thanks, Jo!" (Purcell)

"Jo has an infectious positive attitude and unbridled enthusiasm. Jo was clear and focused and set forth the information in our coaching session with a natural flow that produced results reflective of my intention. I was able to narrow my range of goals and related action to enable the most succinct path to achieving my desires as I currently see them.  Jo has keen insight with minimal input and the ability to guide with just the right amount of push that makes the experience both fun and productive." (Schneider)

"Jo is an amazing person, true to herself and life. Her story is as inspirational and heartfelt as they come. She is a shining example of how to overcome as she sucks the marrow out of life itself." (Michael Hodge | United States Quantico-trained Marine Corps)

"Over the last couple of years I have loved attending your classes, Jo! You are uniquely-unique! You always gave your students much more than the asanas, and I'm ever grateful for having met you. You are so positive and so non-judgmental and so wonderful!" (Margaret)

"In your workshop, our participants received a mind-cleansing process that clears stress and energy blockages. I felt very calm and at peace at the end. The breathing exercises, writing, and group sharing cycles were inspiring to me. You led us based on our writing and listening needs. [Your] writing [class] is a healing." (Molavi)

"I had the pleasure to meet the author as a fellow speaker at Harvard University. The passion she has towards her work for PTSD has moved me. She is not only an amazing soul, but her vast knowledge and encounter with PTSD, which is so eloquently applied in her book, is absolutely beneficial for all who seek healing. The term "CONQUER" is exactly what she will bring to you with this book. And, “Get Your Life Back”, is exactly what you will achieve.” (Dr. Bindu Babu)